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Leader Syndrome Blog Author - BrunoSince 1999, Bruno Abrioux has been directly in charge of building, managing and growing teams and departments of various functions for organizations delivering mission critical IT solutions.

Through his career, Bruno has held several hierarchical positions ranging from individual contributor, to team leader, to manager of managers to business leader in environments as diverse as start-up, small and medium enterprise and global Fortune 500 company. As part of his management functions, Bruno has also handled numerous internal and external business interactions across the globe, getting thus used to dealing constructively with counterparts from all natures. In parallel to his practical management experiences learned on the field, Bruno has been supported in developing sound leadership practices thanks to specific training programs delivered by some of the most prestigious consulting firms in this domain: Harvard Manage Mentor, Aon Hewitt and Richardson among others.

Those direct experiences coupled with robust development programs allowed Bruno to acquire the necessary management skill set and cross-cultural dexterity required to grow global organizations in a sustainable manner.

Bruno holds a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Technology of Compiègne (France), with a major in “Automation and Real Time Systems” and a minor in ”Philosophy, Technology and Cognition”.

The posts shared under Leader Syndrome, the DELTANOMIX official blog, are the result of the distillation of successes and failures, coaching sessions, common sense observations, trainings, team interactions, readings and lessons learned gathered by Bruno through the course of his career, as individual contributor, IT Manager, Manager of Managers and Business Operations Leader. Learn more at:

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