In a fast-pace, time-pressured, high stress environment, today’s managers are given only few opportunities to step back and think about what made them successful or what could contribute further to the path of excellence as leaders. This statement is even truer for those who have just been promoted managers and who are coping with their new responsibilities with often minimal preparation only.

This blog, proposed by DELTANOMIX, is not about being right or wrong. This blog is not about being scientifically exhaustive about management and leadership. This blog is about sharing experiences, lessons learned and other useful concepts that have helped the author in building and improving his management and leadership skills overtime in order to serve and grow for-profit organizations in a sustainable manner.

Because every individual, every team, every business has got its own dynamic, growing teams in a for-profit structure can be seen as the fine art of positioning meaningfully leaders, teams and business or activities by exploring and understanding individually as well as holistically those three components, their related contexts and interactions. These blog’s posts will therefore fall under one or several of the 3 categories below:

  • the “know thyself” category groups ideas on how to support and improve your performance as an individual with management responsibilities,
  • the “know your team” category obviously gathers concepts and experiences on how to grow your team by learning how to work and interact efficiently with them in order to achieve the company’s missions,
  • the “know your business” category consists in providing posts that will help you to grasp your overall environment. You have to understand “business” in its broader meaning, covering various areas ranging from industry knowledge, client approach but also ideas and definitions around  the role of manager itself.

DELTANOMIX hopes that those Leader Syndrome Blog Posts will be thought-provoking enough to enrich your day-to-day experience in your role of today’s and tomorrow’s global leader who can shape a brighter future!

To learn more, visit us at www.deltanomix.wordpress.com or contact us at info@encognize.com.


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