Handling Stress in the Office – ACCJ Workshop Wrap-Up


In February 2015, DELTANOMIX volunteered to deliver a workshop on “Handling Stress in the Office” to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Thank you to all workshop attendees for joining!

DELTANOMIX sincerely hopes that this workshop will help to successfully improve your stress management capabilities and resilience in order to maximize both your wellbeing and professional performance.

To download the Workshop Wrap-Up pdf document, click here or on the image at the top of this post.

Wrap-up pdf document table of content:

  • The impacts of a lasting exposure to stress  (page 4)
  • A simple practical definition of stress  (page 5)
  • Identifying the stress-related hazards  (page 6)
  • Overstressed: how to detect?  (page 7)
  • How to cope?  (pages 8-12)
  • Useful Resources and References  (page 13)

If you are interested in learning about the full workshop content, please contact deltanomix@gmail.com.

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